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100% Bed Bug Proof Encasements

SecureSleep™ anti bed bug mattress covers will prevent the penetration of bed bugs into and out of your bedding and clothing. And, in cases where bed bugs have been found, our bed bug encasement products will help control the spread of an infestation at all stages of the bed bug life cycle. 

All of our products are entomologist tested bed bug entry, exit and bite proof, so no matter where your bedbug concern lies, SecureSleep products have got you covered.

kill bedbugs mattress encasements

Sleep Security that Lasts

Once you have encased your bedding with our products, your bed is completely bed bug free, and you will save money by not having to throw out your mattress or box spring. With SecureSleep™ by, you can exterminate, encase, and then sleep tight!