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Sleep Health and Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is an important aspect in any mattress and pillow cover, because we aren’t always aware of what’s happening when we sleep. Many allergists and pest control professionals recommend buying a quality mattress cover that protects against mold, bacteria and pet dander.

SecureSleep™ products are proud to be a "top notch" example of what it means to have a bedding protector that is sensitive to your sleep hygiene. See our full product line here.

Creating a Comfortable and Healthy Sleep Environment

Even if all the tips and strategies out there are implemented, if you are not comfortable or in a healthy environment, it will make like very difficult for all involved. Allergies are a very common problem in children, and can cause sleep issues like Sleep Onset Association. Dust mites are a constant presence in mattresses and pillows, feeding on the sloughed off dead skin cells of humans (a primary component of household dust). These microscopic insects leave fecal droppings as well as decaying carcasses. Over time, the build-up of such particulates can become significant. Most people are allergic to these by-products and exhibit symptoms ranging from eczema, sniffles and sneezing to severe asthma.

The most effective solution (and cost effective) is to cover your child’s pillow and mattress/box spring with protective encasement from They are very comfortable, protect against both dust mites and bed bugs, and offer significant protection from bio-fluids such as sweat and urine. Since a child spends approximately one third of their time in bed, make sure it’s healthy and comfortable. Read more tips on how to create a healthy sleep environment here.

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